A 90-minute tour navigating the history of residential segregation in Kansas City
"So much of Kansas City's current make up is the consequence of these seemingly individual family decisions." Quote from the Dividing Lines Audio Tour Introduction

about dividing lines:

After connecting with them for the Wide Ruled podcast, the Johnson County Library’s Race Project KC commissioned Nathaniel Bozarth and myself (Christopher Cook) to produce an audio tour telling the history of residential segregation in Kansas City.

We produced Dividing Lines – a 90-minute GPS-based guided driving tour that takes the listener all around the KC metro area, detailing how official policies, “good business” practices, and individual decisions combined to create a system that racially divided the residential housing, in Kansas City and across the country.

Race Project KC uses the tour as a capstone for their annual, metro-wide symposium, loading over a dozen busses with students. Since launching in 2018, Dividing Lines has also become a central part of fall orientation for several of the metro colleges.

In 2020, they commissioned a new, COVID-safe version of the tour. Read about Dividing Lines 360 here.

"Even though the force of history continues to perpetuate division and inequality, people working together can organize to create change that defies the odds." Quote from Dividing Lines Audio Tour, Conclusion.