They’re memories. They’re memories and help me try to be as good an individual as I possibly can, in his honor. -Don Bice recalling Nile Kinnick, his first-cousin

Kinnick: The Documentary is a 90-minute feature film telling the story of Nile Kinnick: child of the Depression, winner of the Heisman Trophy, and casualty of WW2.

I’m the co-writer/director of the film. I was also responsible for the animated elements seen throughout the film and personally completed the majority of the final, polished editing in the film. A good example of my editing/animating ability is the film’s trailer here on this page. That was all me, baby.

Originally premiered in late-August of 2023, the film enjoyed an unexpected run in theatres across the state of Iowa through that fall. It’s currently available to stream on Prime Video, AppleTV, and Vimeo. Blu-Rays are available on Amazon.

’Whoever excels in what we prize appears a hero in our eyes.’ Nile Kinnick excelled in everything that I prize. Everything. - Mike Chapman, Sports Historian & Author

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