KC Digital History Tours.  A set of three GPS-based audio walking tours set along the route of Kansas City’s downtown streetcar line, produced for the Jackson County Historical Society.

my role:

Joseph White and Kevin Flattery of KLF Development approached me very early on in the project’s conception. They had recently experienced the Dividing Lines audio tour and were just beginning this project’s grant funding process on behalf of Jackson County Historical Society. After White and Flattery successfully secured the grant, I assisted them and members of the historical society with route planning and script writing for each the three tours. My help make these great historical stories mesh with the self-guided audio tour technology.

I was fully responsible for the audio production, sourcing and contracting voice actors. I also handled all the post-production, delivery, and tour programming and testing.  Once the three tours were complete, I also helped to create some promo video snippets for use on social media (such as those seen above).

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