Whether it’s a slow-burn or a fire to put out, we love to wordsmith, hammering out scripts that tell a clear and on-brand message.

Sound Design

The rhythm of great music, the snap of fingers, and the sizzle of a steak. Filling in the world of the story with all the right sounds is what sets our projects above the rest.


Casting that perfect voice actor who will connect with the audience is crucial. We use our network of creatives to match the right voice with a video’s needs.

Tour sample:


Around the Bloch


Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Our Role

Full scope of work.

We Delivered

A location-based audio tour for the Nelson-Atkins, guiding the listener through stories of the architecture and aesthetics of the beautiful Bloch Building. The tour incorporated written narration, recorded interviews, and found-media to create a very immersive experience for the visitor.