Re:Dream - Pursuits of Happiness

A nationwide conversation about opportunity, obstacles, and the American dream in the 21st century.







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about re:dream

I, and my associate producer Nathaniel Bozarth, had just finished producing the Your Fellow Americans documentary series for Kansas City PBS (KCPT), when the station leveraged the series to secure an $850,000 grant for a similar of project.

The station brought me on to act as Series Producer, and Bozarth to act as Associate Series Producer. We worked on behalf of Kansas City PBS to get the project up-and-running, providing critical branding and narrative guidance. We managed the selection and on-boarding process of four other PBS-Member Stations who would also be producing videos for the series.

There was constant communication and overlap between Bozarth and myself, but I primarily held editorial and management responsibility over a team of producers (the majority of whom were remote) through the entire creative lifecycle of 40 micro-documentaries. Meanwhile, Bozarth held primary responsibility for overseeing community engagement initiatives at ten participating stations and the creation of a range of engagement materials.

Together we also directly produced eight local (Kansas City) micro-documentaries for the series. Some of our favorites are below.

in addition to videos, we were responsible for…

& dozens of community engagement events.

here are some personal favorites: